How to Start a New Business When Welcoming Your First Baby

How to start biz with babyCongratulations on your new baby and your new business! It is exciting that you are starting two amazing new endeavors, but in the back of your mind, you know it will not be easy. Juggling work and childcare can be difficult but it is not impossible with the right time-saving steps. Here, shares some helpful resources discussing how you can properly care for your child and avoid unnecessary stress while you start your business.


Be Smart About Your Business Setup and Software


You are going to have a lot on your hands when you bring home your new baby, and you need to give your child the attention they deserve, so to keep your business running smoothly in the meantime, you will want to streamline your business. Start by creating a business plan, and then consider your approach and marketing. You’ll also need to build a website, and register your business. For many new business owners, an LLC can be the ideal choice thanks to tax perks and personal asset protection. If you need help figuring things out, follow this helpful guide on how to start a company.


It’s also a good idea to get all of the software you need to operate your business smoothly and easily. For example, smallbiz invoicing software can help ensure that you get paid by your customers and clients in a timely fashion. Many modern invoices allow people to make payments directly to your business using debit and credit cards, as well as bank transfers. And to make things a little easier, you can schedule and automate when your invoices are sent out so you don’t accidentally forget to bill a client.


With a new baby in the home, you likely won’t have time to go to and from an office or warehouse, so this may be a good time to focus on your online store. More people are shopping online than ever before, so you can make a good profit while you raise your child. To bring in more customers, you need to have attention-grabbing logos and banners that will advertise your current sales, announce new projects, or anything else you want to share. To help you create the perfect logo, and to eliminate extra pressure, use logo design apps that allow you to put together an eye-catching image for free using pre-made templates. You can even find templates to help you quickly put together social media posts for platforms like Instagram.


Scheduling Is Key


You will need to make time for both your baby and your work, but doing both at the same time can be very taxing; the Project Management Institute points out that smart scheduling can help you sort out your tasks. For starters, schedule meetings and important shorter tasks for when your baby goes down for their nap. If your work requires you to record videos or other more involved tasks, consider restructuring your workday so you complete these items at night when the baby is sleeping for longer.


Even if you are trying to get your company off of the ground, it is important to prioritize your child for at least the first six months after they are born. After that, you can consider bringing in a babysitter who can keep your child company during the busy hours of your workday. You can find a great sitter by using an app like Sitter City or that will look for qualified sitters in your area so you can have some time to do what your business requires.


Spaces for Baby and Your Work


When you don’t have a sitter or a daycare service at your disposal, you will want to keep an eye on your child at all times and, as Modern Work At Home Mom notes, one way to do that is by making space for your baby in the office. The easiest way is to move your desk into the baby’s room or set it up in a neutral place like the living room where you can conduct business and the baby can play.


If you have a smaller home or you can’t keep the baby in the same room with you, then take advantage of technology and get a high-quality baby monitor so you can keep an eye on the baby even when they are out of the room. Baby monitors have evolved by leaps and bounds over time, with some of the most popular options even allowing you to speak to your baby and monitor their breathing from the other room.


Hopefully, these tips will make the process of raising a baby with a new business easier. Just remember that no one is perfect and there will be a learning curve.


– Emily Graham, guest blogger